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I'm Jyoti Kaur, your next

Social Media Manager + Content Creator

I heard you wanted me to learn more about myself and my business! My name is Jyoti Kaur, your next social media specialist.

I admire all creatives and their art, which is why I am passionate about helping them grow on social media.


Creative entrepreneurs are presented with a golden opportunity to market their business on various social media platforms, which is where I jump in and help by implementing strategies, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

I have been working in the social media industry for 5 years now and have a Bachelor's of Business Administration, Marketing.


If you’re interested in learning more about me or my work, go ahead and fill out the contact form and we can set up a Zoom call!


Are you an...

entrepreneur with a creative business?
(aka a photographer, interior designer, graphic designer, makeup artist, influencer/content creator, etc.)


  • Feels like you need more time to focus on your business?

  • Is overwhelmed when it comes to content creation and understanding social media?

  • Knows your business has potential, but you are unsure of what strategy to implement?

Don't worry, I got you covered.
Check out my services

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